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Nightmare / Beta

An interactive project that lives on the spectators' computer screens and starts through their participation in a conditional game.

The essence of the game is the reproduction of the conditional working day of a freelancer, who by their intensity turns into a nightmare.

Conception: The workday of a freelancer starts from the moment of awakening and sometimes does not stop even in a dream. All you have is a monitor screen, keyboard, mouse and iron nerves. In such work, personal and work are mixed - the same interfaces are responsible for them - in the same window, you console a friend, imitate laugh, speak with the employer and try to sit on two notorious chairs. It seems that the world around is drying out and you are reduced to the screen plane - but this is not accurate. It seems to your partners that you are not busy with anything - because you are sitting at the computer, you are not doing anything all day, because on your screen there are only social networks - what kind of work can there be? Misunderstanding, alienation, lack of demand as an artist, as well as the burden of lack of money and domestic problems merge into one big working day, working night into one big incessant nightmare.

The project's innovation is in the direction to the interactive cinema and its rethinking. Usually the viewer is given a choice, but here the irony is that there is no choice - each of us is slowly turning into a lonely subject sitting in his room behind the monitor. On the other hand, the genre of "video play" taken from the monitor screen also seems to be quite new and not fully developed, although there is a huge amount of dramatic potential in it.

Made by

Anastasia Vepreva — idea, script, video


Alexei Accio — moral support, development